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Promoting the ecological commerce of tomorrow… ..

GREEN TUKKY® is a service that meets ecological requirements that appeals to all local decision-makers concerned with respecting the environment.

Everything is possible with the GREEN TUKKY®!

GREEN TUKKY® brings a service to the population and a potential of activities by offering a wide choice of sweets: ice creams, desserts, pancakes, organic fruit juices ...

100% electric vehicle

Equipped with photovoltaic panels and advanced technology, its small size of 1.40m wide x 3m long allows it to sneak into the narrow spaces of the city, settle in protected or natural sites without constraints and without risks on sites not equipped with electricity since it has an autonomy of 8 hours… ..
And in addition he knows how to manage his waste and leave the space clean after his passage.

Many town halls and public authorities are starting to take an interest in GREEN TUKKY®

Equipped with a defibrillator, offering a wide range of small treats of 100% French-made craftsmanship, GREEN TUKKY® is perceived as a real service with a friendly atmosphere and a quality welcome.

Let's create this new service together in your town

Imagine where you could implant GREEN TUKKY®!
On a square, a beach, a port, in town in very crowded places….

100% Eco-responsible communities!
An ecological, French, protected concept that already appeals to Town Halls and Communities.

Offer a GREEN TUKKY® location in your town.
Already in Bordeaux Quais et Pellegrin, Arcachon, Bayonne, Pau ...

GREEN TUKKY® will be present at the next Salon des Maires de France in Paris from November 24 to 26, 2020.

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