GREEN TUKKY® Gourmet Ecology

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Join the GREEN TUKKY® network, the 1st eco-responsible concept! ♻

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GREEN TUKKY® supports you from A to Z to launch your franchise and bring a new service to the population.

GREENTUKKY Handcrafted Quality

Sweety salty

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products made in France.

Enjoy an Italian ice cream, a pancake or a 🌭 in a friendly and family atmosphere ...

GREEN TUKKY® 100% French Handcrafted Quality

GREEN TUKKY® an Eco-responsible concept

When Ecology made in France becomes greedy

A concept that operates all day long and meets ecological requirements, appealing to all local decision-makers concerned with respecting the environment.

A protected and developed concept "Made in France" which has continued to evolve technically since 2016 to be completed and presented to the general public.

GREEN TUKKY®: 🛺 A 100% electric, 100% autonomous mini vehicle, which operates without any connection which can be placed anywhere without any constraint, leaving “0” waste.